What is Eyelid Lift? (COMING SOON)


An eyelid lift addresses sagging skin around the upper and lower eyelids, smooths wrinkles, and corrects sign of aging. One may consider an eyelid lift if the eyes always look tired, there is sagging "bags" beneath the eyes, or the upper eyelids lack contour or obscure vision.

Post-Treatment Guidelines


Bruising and swelling is normal during the first two weeks after eyelid surgery, and there may be unusual tightness on the eyelids. Cold compress while keep the head elevated should help alleviate discomfort. The eyes will be expected to get tired more quickly during the first few weeks. It is crucial that there is no sudden increase in blood pressure until the incisions are healed. This can be avoided by not lifting, straining, or bending down within four weeks of the surgery. It is also important to protect the eyes from sun and wind. Most patients can resume normal activities after two weeks.