What is Kybella™ Fat Dissolving Injection


Fat dissolving injection is a non-surgical localize fat reduction method , it is suitable for small area, such as double chin , face, extremities and other parts. In fact, injection can be used from the eyelids to the belly.After injection, the medication accelerate fat metabolism, fat cell degenerate and absorb, at the same time tightening the skin.

Post-Treatment Guidelines


Before The Procedure:

Discontinue aspirin and ibuprofen products (Advil, Motrin) for ten (10) days prior to treatment. Tylenol is permitted.
Avoid Vitamin E supplements for ten (10) days prior to treatment. Regular multivitamins are permitted.
Avoid alcoholic beverages for 48 hours prior to treatment.
Wash hair the night before or the morning of the procedure.
Routine medications may be taken the morning of procedure with alight breakfast.

After The Procedure:

Postoperative instructions: 24 hours after injection do not wash or apply any chemical product to site. Exercise as needed; Do not apply any medication to injection site or surrounding area. onset of medication from 6 to 8 weeks days after injection, the effect continue until 3 to 6 months , due to personal physical reasons, results of individual person may be different ; do not drink alcohol within a week after injection, do not eat spicy food , chili , seafood ; try to pay attention to diet, do not eat too much , physical exercise may enhance physical fitness and weight loss.




      -Person with stubbom fat, age 20 to 65 years old.