What is DermaShine ?


 Derma Shine treatment enhances the texture, elasticity, brightness, and moisturizing capacity of your skin by mixing aesthetic medicine such as (non-bridging) hyaluronic acid, Botox, and Placenta. Derma Shine is mainly used for the face, but it is also recommended for the neck, under the chin, and back of the hands. Derma Shine treatment reduces the pain by smoothly inserting 5 super-fine needles. With the function of suction and automatic needle insertion, Derma Shine is able to insert an equal amount of medication into the target layer of the skin.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

For better results, the specialist will add touch ups for the treatment (ex. face mask, skin care, cleansing etc.). You may consult with your specialist for more details.
  • Ice the areas after treatment immediately to reduce possible swelling and redness.
  • Remember to keep the face clean after treatment. Do not massage too much and avoid high temperature environments. Do not stay under the sun for a long period of time.
  • Do not clean the treated area too harshly following 48 hours after treatment.
  • After treatment, do not use any medicine, skin care products, or make-up on the treated area on your own. Do not touch the treated area in order to reduce the chance of infection.



How long will the treatment take?

The actual treatment will only take 1 hour. Since there is no need to apply gel or any topical anesthetic, your total appointment time can easily fit within your lunch hour.