What is Botox/Xeomin ?

wrinkles released


Botox®/Xeomin® is a natural and purified protein that relaxes the muscles by blocking nerve impulses connected to the tiny facial muscles related to expression. These muscles are responsible for expression wrinkles such as crow's feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. Over time, these wrinkles become more prominent due to gravity and general aging. With a few tiny injections, Botox®/Xeomin® blocks the release of acetylcholine, the chemical that causes muscles to contract. Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother, creating a more natural and relaxed appearance. Botox®/Xeomin® are both FDA approved for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines in facial wrinkles, facial creases, and in between the eyebrows.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines


There are a few important and simple guidelines to follow before the treatment that can make all the difference between a fair result and a great result by reducing the possible side effects associated with the injections. We realize that this is not always possible, however, acknowledging these risks minimizes the potentiality of producing less than desirable results.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 1 week prior to the treatment (alcohol may thin the blood, which increases the risk of bruising).
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medications ideally for a period of two (2) weeks before the treatment. Medications and supplements such as Aspirin, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Worth, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vioxx, and other NSAIDs are some examples of blood thinning agents that may increase the risk of bruising and swelling after injections.
  • Schedule your Botox/Xeomin appointment at least two (2) weeks prior to a special event you may be attending, i.e., wedding, vacation, etc. Allow your body to heal and recover from possible bruising marks and swelling from your injection.

Post-Treatment Guidelines


  • Practice exercising your treated muscles, such as frowning, raising your eyebrows, and squinting, for 1-2 hours after your treatment to help work Botox®/Xeomin® into your muscles.
  • Be sure that you will be able to remain in an upright position for at least 4 hours after the Botox/Xeomin treatment.
  • You may apply an ice or cold gel pack to the treated area(s) as this helps reduce swelling and potential for bruising.
  • You may begin wearing make-up once you have adequately cooled/iced the area(s) of concern and have stopped any bleeding from injection site(s). However be very gentle as to not aggravate the injection site(s).
  • Avoid placing excessive pressure or massaging the treated area(s) for the first 2 weeks.
  • Wait a minimum of 2 weeks before receiving any skin care or laser treatments.
  • Wait a minimum of 1 week before receiving spa or sauna treatments.
  • No alcohol for the first 3 days.
  • Avoid exercise or other strenuous activity for the next 24 hours.



Does Botox®/Xeomin® hurt?

Botox®/Xeomin® itself is not painful. The discomfort is mainly associated with the needlestick, and may feel more like a pinch. The smaller the needle, the more tolerable the discomfort. However, any volume of fluid injected under the skin will temporarily stimulate nerve fibers. Everyone's threshold will vary from person to person. If you are concerned about discomfort, your medical provider may apply a topical numbing cream before administering your treatment.

How long does the procedure take?

Your medical provider will discuss your treatment goals and perform a facial analysis to determine the appropriate treatment for your beauty needs. The actual injection process takes about 10-15 minutes.

When can I see the results?

Effects of Botox®/Xeomin® vary depending on the individual, but results typically take 14-21 days to take full effect and generally last 3-4 months. Patients are recommended to contact our office no later than two (2) weeks after the treatment if desired results were not achieved.

What are some common side effects?

Depending on the treatment area, individuals may experience muscle weakness near injection site(s), muscle stiffness, swelling, bruising, redness, dry mouth, dry eyes, and drowsiness. Do not use Botox®/Xeomin® if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are allergic to any of its ingredients, or suffer from any neurological disorders. Please inform your provider if you have any questions about this prior to the treatment.

How soon should I receive another Botox®/Xeomin® injection?

-Once your wrinkles return, you can have another injection. There is no defined limit to the number of injections one can have. Though, our bodies are capable of developing an immunity toward Botox®/Xeomin® molecules, resulting in less effective results.