Patient's Story: Do I really need to do thermage CPT in twenties?

Patient File

Name: MM

Concerns & Expectations

1- Get rid of baby fat

2 - Loss of skin elasticity, resulting in loss of facial contour

3 - Skin above and under eyes is loose, gives a tired look

Before Picture:

Beauty makeover

Thermage CPT treatment: A revolutionary treatment for aging skin. Thermage® uses focused radio-frequency energy to strengthen collagen in your skin for a smooth, sleek look that can help you feel years younger. Thermage® addresses the visible signs of aging, toning those trouble areas in just one treatment — no surgery, just naturally younger looking skin that can take years off your appearance.

Our patient MM is still in her twenties, when she was first introduced to Thermage CPT facelift, she naturally had her own concerns and fear. However, Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy which typically takes 45 minutes for the whole face. Therefore, minimum recovery time makes Thermage unique and is a great substitute for traditional facelift surgery. After knowing the facts, MM feels a lot more relaxed and ready.

AMCC Assistant then took MM into the treatment room and applied the grid to her face and neck.

Cosmetic specialist Howard Wang is getting ready for the procedure

Howard started on the sides of the jaw line and worked his way up

Thermage uses a sophisticated treatment tip called Thermatip™, which delivers a controlled amount of Radio Frequency energy. Thermatip™ heats a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This heating action causes loose collagen structures in your skin to immediately tighten.

Before and after treatment for 3 months

Before & After Thermage CPT treatment

【Immortal beauty, forever elegant. 】